The Browns with Kereru

The first Southstar beers occurred as part of a consultation relationship between me and Silverstream based nano Imagebrewer Chris Mills. We decided we would brew a Rye Brown Ale for the SOBA Winter Ales Festival. The Festival had formally been known as The Matariki Winter Ales Festival until it became clear that a wine company owned the rights to the name Matariki when used in reference to alcohol. We named our Rye Brown Ale Seven Sisters after a European myth about the stars that Maori call Matariki. The beer was a real winter warmer combining a rich sugar note from golden syrup, and nutty viscous rye malt alongside a range of dark malts including the seldom used brown malt, NZ hops and a fruity English Ale yeast.  

Name:  Kereru / Southstar Seven Sisters

ABV:  5.7%ABV

Style:  Rye Brown Ale / Old Ale cross over

Ratebeer :–kereru-seven-sisters/183519/

Untappd  :


The second Kereru collaboration was a twist on the same concept this time in the form of a festive brew for the Beervana festival. The theme for Festives was fruit and vegetable beers.  We brewed a brown ale this time with chestnuts in the mash tun and currants and cranberrys in the boil. Chris being American feels the need to call them Zante currants, I have no such urge!
Chestnuts proved to be an expensive and difficult ingredient to brew with so don’t expect this one to reappear any time soon!  The name Fruits of Jupiter came from the fact that chestnuts are sometimes referred to as Jupiter Nuts because of how they look in the shell.

Name: Kereru / Southstar Fruits of Jupiter

ABV:  6.2%ABV

Style: Fruit and Nut Brown Ale / Old Ale cross over

Ratebeer :–kereru-fruits-of-jupiter/183521/

Untappd :



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