Temple of the Morning Star


These days my home brewery is mainly used for trial brewing beers that at one time or another will be brewed commercially.  Recently I have been trialling a best bitter recipe in the form of NOVA, it’s had some very positive feedback from those who have tasted it, its a style I am very experienced with and have had some success with in the past. I am also working on my Belgian brewing skills, an area I have very little experience in and have a Strong Belgian Golden Ale that I am preparing to brew as I type. Named Temple of the Morning Star I am brewing it very much to style by using two different yeast strains, splitting the batch and fermenting each portion with a different strain and then blending them back together. The classic of the style Duvel does it this way , I’m not sure I will be able to do this commercially when the time comes but perhaps I will, or perhaps I will just have to pitch both strains. The beer will unconventionally be hopped exclusively with my favourite New Zealand hop variety Super Alpha.

There is a convention that Belgian Strong Golden Ales have dark, evil or roguish names after the pioneer Duvel which means Devil in Flemish. Those with a knowledge of 90’s Noisecore, the direct English definition of the Latin word Lucifer and perhaps most niche of all my tattoos will get the name and how it fits the convention.   Fingers crossed for a trouble free brewday. 

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