Coastal Brewing

It’s now a very poorly kept secret that I am involved in a project to install a brewery at sunset-waikanaeWaikanae on the Kapiti Coast.  I have been visiting Waikanae my whole life, visiting my grandparents. My grandfather still lives on the hill looking out to Kapiti Island. Like many in Wellington as I have grown a little older I have dreamt of moving up the coast and living the good life. A couple of years ago my partner Sarah purchased a ¼ acre of land and a small bach by the river and shortly after the guys that own Longbeach, a very successful pub/cafe/restaurant at the beach approached me about hatching a plan to open a brewery in Waikanae.  The planets aligning. Fast forward to today and we are searching for a site, brewing beer under contract and preparing our finance. We are in the questionable situation of currently having beer but not as yet having a name!
The first of our beers is already pouring on the coast , from Longbeach and Raumati Social Club. Hoppy Wheat was brewed for us at Townshend’s in the Moutere Valley.  The beer is a bit of a mash up taking the wheat heavy grist and clean fermentation of an American Wheat Ale, the bright aromatic New Zealand hop character of a New Zealand Pilsner and a pinch of Witbier spicing. The result is quenching, complex and hoppy. The first batch is a little more alcoholic and bitter than was intended but we will get the attenuation right on the second one.
Next week we will brew a second beer Amber at 4 Aves in Christchurch. Amber is again a bit of a fusion combining the drinkability and malt backbone of a strong English tawny mild , with the clean fermentation , and bright new world hop aromas of an American Amber Ale.
Finally the core range will be rounded off with a new world kolsch combining bright NZ hop aromas  and crisp drinkability (think Kolsch meets NZ Pilsner). Beyond the bread and butter beers there will be a range of Belgian and Anglo influenced seasonals. Southstar will not end as a brand either, there will still be Southstar beers coming out of the Waikanae brewery and hopefully popping up on bars from time to time.
I’m certainly not packing in the day job anytime soon but hopefully we are heading in an interesting and for me very exciting direction. Cheers!

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2 Responses to Coastal Brewing

  1. Dan says:

    Awesome news Kieran! Congrats!

  2. Rosalind Moore says:

    We are enjoying your beer each night…the first of many more.

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