Hell Awaits!

divineintervention_ImagewebSo Divine Intervention is out! I’m extremely pleased with it! I reckon it’s a classy combo of Duvel yeast and my beloved Super Alpha hops. It sits somewhere between a Strong Belgian Pale Ale and a Belgo IPA. I was influenced by Popering Hommel Bier. Martin has done a totally amazing job brewing it, he is currently runner up Champion New Zealand Brewer for a reason! Divine Intervention is currently on tap at Regional Wines, it should also start popping up on taps around the country as its being distributed by BeerNZ.

The Guts

Style: Strong NZ Hopped Belgian Pale Ale (Belgian Specialty Ale )
Grist: German Pilsner, Abbey and Wheat Malts, Cane Sugar.
Hops: Pacific Jade, Super Alpha, NZ Cascade
Yeast: Belgian Strong Ale

Cheers to Martin for brewing it, Ryan for the tap badge and most importantly to Jeff for creating some awesome music that has inspired me through the years RIP!

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